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"Together for Europe" is a project dealing with the migratory processes in the European Union today. Since 30 November up to 6. December  youngsters from Greece, Germany and Poland were gathering information, learning about definitions and presenting to each other the current situations in their countries regarding the current asylum situation.

The youngsters have taken on the roles of presidents and ministers of 11 european countries, the president of the European Commission and the Press and on 4th of december 2017 an extraordinary meeting of the European Commission is taking place. The simulation deals with the search for a solution for the asylum crises that the European Union is currently facing.

There will also be a workshop by the polish NGO Nomada who is supporting minority and human rights in Wrocław and will show the youngsters possible ways of taking action locally.


The project is supported by the Erasmus+ programme and the German Polish Youth Office.

Partners are the Foundation Krzyzowa, Kreisau-Initiative Berlin, Lornsenschule Schleswig, Gimnazjum Dwujęzyczne Nr. 26 in Wrocław and Inter Alia Greece.